The Most Important WORD in Any Language

Use their name / Discipleship Uncomplicated

The most important word in any language is someone’s name. A person’s name is significant because it is tied to one’s life, potential, purpose, and most important their personal identity.  When you address a person by name you address their personhood. We never separate our names from who we are.

A friend was walking through a large home improvement store with his brother. A voice came over the loudspeaker requesting Steve to come to the front of the store. His brother immediately stopped, turned, and started walking toward the front of the store. Why? his name was Steve. People respond to the sound of their own name because it’s not just a title it is a part of who they are. That connection is what makes it so important.

No matter where in the world you find yourself remember that the most important word in any language is someone’s name.  That means the most important question we can ask someone is, What’s your name?

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