1 Thing you must know about praying with people!

Prayer brings spiritual power to your personal relationships. We find in the book of James that the prayer of a person believing God is powerful and productive (James 5:16). This means the prayers you and I pray for those we encounter can also be powerful and productive.

What makes our prayers powerful? Is it using long words? Or trying to impress people with an endless list of biblical knowledge? Is it somehow knowing the right things to say?  NO! God’s presence is what makes our prayers powerful. This is the one thing that you must know about praying with people. The Bible reveals that “the Lord our God is near us” whenever we pray to Him (Deuteronomy 4:7). So whenever we pray with other people, an unforgettable encounter with GOD is possible. It’s God’s presence, not our words that label these moments as remarkable.

The one thing I have learned by praying with people is that prayer immediately brings God into the picture, and God changes everything!

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