The entire Bible... every word, every phrase, every thought, every passage, poem, song, story, person, and prophesy... depends completely on two commandments:

Love GOD. Love people.

If we miss this, we miss everything.

"Loving GOD and loving people is the beating heart of disciple-making."

~ Dr. Warren Haynes

Meet Warren Haynes...

Dr. Warren Haynes is the national director of contextualized leadership development for Gateway Seminary. Warren leads an expansive network of leadership centers that focus on empowering Christians to reach for their full potential. He has a Doctor of Ministry degree and serves as a faculty member for Gateway Seminary.

Warren’s passion is to inspire people to expand their leadership capacity, make disciples, and sharpen their communication skills. He speaks to youth, college students, churches, pastors, and state and national Christian leaders. He brings a fun and refreshing approach to interacting and influencing people. His uncomplicated disciple-making approaches work in small rural towns, bustling metropolitan cities, and international settings. Warren is a husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship Uncomplicated

"Down-to-earth methods for actually making disciples are hard to find. This book is full of practical, straightforward counsel from someone who has actually done it — led unsaved people to faith in Jesus and developed them from converts to committed leaders. Making disciples is our mandate. Read this book and learn how to really do it — not just talk about it."

Dr. Jeff Iorg ~ President, Gateway Seminary
Gateway Seminary


Discipleship Uncomplicated is intensely practical and easy to follow.

It takes the guesswork out of getting started and provides
exactly what you need to know and do to start making disciples.

Whether you are an introverted wallflower or an over-the-top people person, Discipleship Uncomplicated delivers exactly what you need to start influencing people for Jesus. Here are some of the powerful principles and practices you will discover:

  • How to pinpoint the people you are most likely to influence for Jesus
  • How to bring spiritual power into your personal relationships
  • How to create relational breakthroughs
  • How to build strong relational connections
  • How to move people spiritually
  • How to gather and influence people to follow Jesus
  • How to multiply leaders and reach new people


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"The space you share and the number of people you share that space with,
directly determines what kind of relationship you can have with them."

~ Dr. Warren Haynes

Speaking Services

Dr. Haynes is available to speak to your congregation, college ministry, Bible-study group, or organization about Discipleship Uncomplicated and/or any of the sub-topics below. He participates in numerous conferences and retreats around the country, giving customized keynotes and breakout sessions, and leading Discipleship Uncomplicated Experience Weekends for a variety of audiences.

Warren's speaking topics include...

Discipleship Uncomplicated (full program)
— Principle 1 ~ Love God, Love People / The Heartbeat of Disciple Making
— Principle 2 ~ What's Your Name? / Make Disciple Making Personal
— Principle 3 ~ Let's Pray / Bring Spiritual Power to Your Relationships
— Principle 4 ~ This Is For You / Create Relational Breakthroughs
— Principle 5 ~ Let Me Share a Story; Tell Me Your Story / Share Stories to Build Connections
— Principle 6 ~ With Me / How to Move People Spiritually
— Principle 7 ~ Gather People / Gather People to Influence People


Coaching Services

Discipleship Uncomplicated coaching begins with a positive "Let’s Get to Know Each Other" 30-minute FREE no obligation phone or video conference with the author Warren Haynes.

First Session: Let’s get to know each other

— Tell me about yourself
— Tell me about discipleship journey
— Tell me about your ministry
— Tell me about your vision

Second Session: Let’s plan

Third Session: Let’s get to work

Fourth Session: Let’s evaluate

Fifth Session: Let’s expand

Sixth Session: Let’s celebrate!