8 Things You Need to Know About Making Disciples

1. The Heart of disciple making is loving God and loving people. Disciple making begins the moment you start taking a genuine interest in another person.

2. Asking another person “What’s your name?” is the beginning of real-world disciple making. In the Bible, every time God the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit called someone by name, He changed their life.

3. Prayer is powerful and is absolutely paramount in the disciple making process. God’s presence is what makes prayer powerful. The Bible reveals that “the Lord our God is near us” whenever we pray to Him (Deuteronomy 4:7). So Whenever we pray for and with other people a powerful encounter with God is possible.

4. The good you do because you love Jesus and love people become the salt and light that enables people to taste and see that Jesus is good, that He is worth following with wholehearted devotion.

5. Sharing stories is a powerful disciple-making passageway that can be used to inspire people to see, hear, think about, and walk with God.  Listening to the stories of others and sharing your stories can give flight to the disciple-making process.

6. Learn how to give personal invitations that move people to take steps toward knowing and walking with Jesus. Jesus gave personal invitations that moved people to come to know him better and follow him closer.

7. Gathering people into groups is a tremendous skill you can use to amplify your disciple-making effectiveness. A great way to maximize the skill of gathering people is to understand spatial dynamics.

8. The foundation of any growing organization, ministry, or church is built on developing leaders and reaching new people. Jesus multiplied leaders.

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