One Practice That Will Empower How You Meet People

Meeting New People / Discipleship Uncomplicated

Disciple-making begins with your heart. The disciple Matthew wrote these words about Jesus that reveal a powerful practice He lived. “When he (Jesus) saw the crowds, he had compassion on them.” (Matthew 9:36 New International Version) In order to make a difference in people’s lives and influence them toward Christ, we must develop compassion for them.

Here is one practice that will open your eyes to see people in the crowd and prepare your heart to encounter them.  When I walk into a store, room, or space with people in it, I say this to myself, “I have these two things in common with every person here: God created every person here and Jesus died to redeem them.” This is how I train my heart to begin to care for people I haven’t met yet.

So, the next time you walk into a store, office, restaurant, or crowd take a quick look around to see the people there and whisper to yourself, “God created every person here and Jesus died to redeem them.”  This practice will begin to pump new levels of compassion through your veins.

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